Why the name Mind2Soul

The Knowledge & Thought behind MIND2SOUL

This is a well-established, yet to be accepted fact that workout is much more than just gym exercises for men, and that its scope extends well beyond the transformation of the shape of muscles. That’s why the Dalai Lama starts his day with a few minute long sprints on treadmill and Olympic athletes often include yoga and meditation in their pre workout schedules. No gym trainer in Delhi can deny the importance of slower exercises. While the fast paced heavy workout makes our heart capable of beating faster while pumping more blood into the body, the slower approaches adopted by yoga and other exercises help it to intake more amount of precious oxygen and make us attain a peaceful, finely attuned and relaxed state of fitness.

As an active fitness club in Kamla Nagar, we yearned to have this wholesome approach towards our client's health and this keenness of combining spiritual workout with the daily lifting and running made us arrive to get a name that would summarize our motive of enabling the clients make connection with their self and the soul, keep them in consistent state of harmony and balance with nature and thus, would justify our motive of being the Best GYM in Kamla Nagar New Delhi